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The Perfect Team

Susan Malcolm, Founder & Head Designer


The exacting detail required to ensure that customers leave delighted takes a special person. Luckily, for jewellery lovers everywhere, Susan is that person. In the Susan Malcolm Collection, Susan has found her life’s work. Not only does Susan have an obsession with selling beautiful designs, she is also a great deal of fun and the owner of an infectious smile. Her warmth, demeanor and style make her a trusted resource of many generations. It also ensures shopping her Collection is an easy, relaxed experience. You will not find service, selection or prices of such caliber in one place; anywhere.

Andrea Romero, E-commerce & Social Media


Andrea has a passion for the fashion and tech industry. With her dedication and strong leadership skills she is focused on helping SME's find solutions to optimize their business performance within the Canadian fashion industry. Andrea has over 6 years experience in working with fashion brands and 3 years experience working with ecommerce jewellery companies.

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